How to get new leads during trade shows?

Trade shows are one of the most used sources for contacts and leads. In most cases, the success of marketing is based on three pillars: preparation, enthusiasm and monitoring.


The preparation

We will need a clear message, with a perfect understanding of our goals and strategy for achieving them. Maximizing the number of prospects will largely depend on this preparation. The training of the sales team should be based on both commercial and mental aspects. This training will help the sales team to manage stress and keep the vitality needed to go to the “hunting prospects.” Another key point is to inform all our customers and prospects of our participation in this exhibition. To this end, social networks and website tools are preferred. Remember that our goal at a trade show is to find new customers, but also to strengthen existing relationships.

To maximize the number of leads, you have to stay focused, motivated and fearless. Your job is to convey the passion you feel for your products to people interested in these solutions. If you need inspiration, you can always visit the stand of the competition. Observe their sales technique, the content of their messages and visitor reactions.

Customer lounges and meeting on trade shows sale is a matter of substance and price, it is primarily the form that prevails during a first contact. This is especially true in salons since the prospects are in relation to you and all of your competitors in the same time frame. Many professionals who invest heavily in renting exhibition space and the provision of personnel, but do not treat their stand.

The exhibition stands are essential to make your prospects to get in touch with you. It is essential to invest in a stand for your needs and that sets you above others. Many websites offer complete solutions for building stands and tailored communications objects. Stands with private rooms, video projection, video wall … it is possible to buy professional equipment for a few hundred thousand $ to see some. For distant salons geographically it is often interesting to rent the equipment directly from a local company.

If you are truly 100% in sales, you will address to many people, but many trade_showsothers will escapeĀ  because of time. Distinguish as soon as possible a prospect of a merely curious can make the difference between success and failure. If we participate in a show is to do business, not to form the general public, for this we have the company blog.

Have fun

This may sound simplistic, but it is fundamental. Indeed, if you do not have fun, you will be unable to demonstrate the passion necessary to effectively communicate the message of your company. Some sellers are not willing to lead the booth seating. Choose only those who want to go and know they will enjoy participating.


It will not take much time after exposure to restart your contacts at most one week is enough. If during the show, you have found a “hot” prospect, you should not expect that the marketing department is in charge of official monitoring, this prospect awaits. Take an appointment with them for an interview in the next days.